Eat Fat To Lose Fat

Thursday, 1 October 2015  |  Admin

Have you also been avoiding fat?

Well don't worry; you aren’t alone, many are in the same boat!
For years, we have been scared into thinking that fat is the bad guy in the nutrition world!

Thankfully fat has redeemed itself in the eyes of health experts.

BUT Not all fats in oils are made equal. 

It really all depends on the kind and quality of oil you are consuming.

Here are some of our favorite oils to consume:

  • Olive oil, which has been used for thousands of years in the Middle East.
  • Coconut oil, butter from grass fed cows, ghee (purified butter).
  • Fats from whole foods - avocado, seeds, nuts, olives …

All of these can help promote health, well being and weight loss.

While trans fats in processed low quality vegetable oils (soy, corn, canola etcused in industrialized, packaged foods (in margarine, low calorie spreads, crisps, biscuits, processed baked goods, fast foods etc) are toxic hydrogenated fats, produced at very high temperatures with chemicals and are extremely damaging to the body.
They promote inflammation, which is one of the reasons for diseases and weight gain.


Good fats are essential for:

  • optimum brain, eye and digestive function
  • energy levels
  • hormone production
  • intestinal absorption of vitamins A, D, E & K


Coconut Oil – The best oil ever!!!
Find it in our Coconut Breakfast Topping

These medium chain fats are broken down fast and utilized by the liver
as a source of ENERGY.

  • Supports the thyroid and regulates metabolism
  • It doesn’t spike insulin levels so is great for people with diabetes
  • Has a high Lauric Acid content which is anti viral and anti bacterial
  • Perfect for cooking at high heats


Talya on Ireland AM

Watch a recent interview with Talya on healthy oils
and get inspired to add the healthy oils and crowed out the unhealthy


Find the book on Amazon and in health-food stores in Ireland



The Natural Health Expo in Dublin
It was a fantastic weekend of eating/drinking greens and sharing super food tips!


Food for Thought

"You would never put the wrong oil in your car, but the right one is essential!"

Together we can all have a superl!fe

The superl!fe Team