Healthy Habit Programme

Want to Lose Weight and Feel Great?

Superl!fe’s Healthy Habit Programme & Superl!fe’s Original Superfood Mix
makes it so easy for you to achieve!

What makes our programme unique?

The programme was developed by Talya Lewin,
a published author and international health counselor.
The method and philosophy she uses is very simple, practical and inspiring.
Talya’s motto is: “Ditch the diet mentality, throw away the weighing scales,
add high nutrition foods to your diet and crowd out the unhealthy foods easily. Take baby steps.”

Talya achieved such great results by giving her clients this specific,
unique combination of superfoods that she and her husband, Diarmuid Russell,
set up Superl!fe, putting this 8 superfood blend into one packet.

This programme is supported by taking
Superl!fe’s Original Superfood Mix,
a highly concentrated nutritious drink.

The results will be felt straight away.

Watch the Programme Video

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How does Superl!fe Healthy Habit Programme work?

For 14 days you will receive daily an inspiring email
and a cooking video with Talya.

You will be guided by Talya to take your daily baby step.

You will learn about new foods and about adding and crowding out.

You will become inspired and receive the tools to make a change in your life.

How does Superl!fe’s Original Superfood Mix work?

The Mix is a blend of 8 superfoods in powdered form that will:

Stabilize your blood sugar levels, reducing your sugar cravings.

Balance your hormones.

Provide your body with extremely high nutrition
that will make you feel full longer, ‘then you won’t go for the donut’.

It is that easy!

Watch the Smoothie Mix Video

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Hi, I absolutely love your Original Superfood Mix. I find that my energy levels have increased
a huge amount since taking it. My skin, hair, and nails are so much more healthy looking.
I absolutely love recommending it to customers. Thank you. 

Elaine Muscheidt , Health and Vitality Shop.

A colleague of mine introduced me to this and it is a really fantastic product.
I have been using it for about 4 months now. I find that my energy levels are increased and
my sugar cravings reduced. I've been telling everyone about it, can't recommend it enough. Keep up the good work!


Great product. Increased energy. Tastes great even in water.
Convenient way to supplement my diet. Overall a fantastic convenient all in one way to get real nutrition into body.
Well worth purchasing.


I have used the green mix since October.
Absolutely brilliant.
Stabilizes all systems in my body, sugar, energy, mood.
Have gone from size 12 to a 6. My body is free at last, from sugar and
carb cravings, a worse addiction than cigs or alcohol.
I just drink the mix in water twice a day. Carry it with me, and water is always available. 
I hadn't expected a weight loss, but the mix is so accurate to my bodily needs that empty calories aren't even thought of.
And I had tried everything on the market before yours.
From Gillian McKeith's powder to the Liquid Gold range. But your mix is so accurate.
So well done, keep up the good work.


I'm really enjoying your smoothie mix. I mix it with some water most mornings before my coffee and cigarette
(a habit I enjoy too much to quit) and before and after I go for a run.
When I take it I find it keeps my energy and concentration levels high through to lunch.
I've lost weight, I feel stronger and brighter and it has helped me reduce my running times.

Many thanks, 

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